Ærø is a scenic gem located south of Funen between Sydfynske archipelago and the
Baltic Sea. The island is approx. 30 km long and 8 km at the widest point. The largest
towns on Ærø are Marstal with 2,272 inhabitants, Ærøskøbing with 1010 inhabitants and
Søby with 577 inhabitants.
Søby is the northernmost town on Ærø and it is an active shipyard town, with ferry services
to both Fyn and Jutland. It has a highly acclaimed marina and active shopping. Both the
baker and Brugsen are open year round, and there is a furniture store, a hardware store
and a candlelight factory.

Ærø is a vibrant island with plenty of nature and culture to offer, which allows for both an
active and a recreational vacation. The island offers a wide range of activities and
attractions such as golf, kayaking, museums and galleries. If you want to experience the
wonderful nature the Ø-havsstien (Island-path) is an excellent route.


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