Finns Bakery (200 m from Søbylyst)
Nørrebro 2
5985 Søby Ærø


Rent a bike (50 m from Søbylyst)
Søby Bicycle Rentals
Havnevejen 2
Tlf. +45 4033 9114


Dagli’Brugsen Grocery store (300 m from Søbylyst)
Langebro 13
5985 Søby Ærø


Golf Course (5 km from Søbylyst)
Golf Holiday on Ærø.
Farthest to the west, where Ærø arm stretches into the Baltic Sea and toward Little Belt

Ærø Golf Club has established one of the most beautiful sea side golf courses in Europe. Surrounded by coast on three sides and with a spectacular view of the archipelago to the northeast and Little Belt to the north-west and the Baltic Sea to the south, this is a golf course of international class.



Skjoldnæsvej 8
5985 Søby
Tel. +45 62 52 23 63


Nature (Skjoldnæs lighthouse is 5 kilometers from Søby Pleasure)
Skjoldnæs lighthouse was built in Bornholm granite in 1881. Descendants from the Swedish builder still live on the island. The lighthouse is 22 meters high and lies 32 meters above the sea. At the lighthouse is a picnic area and there is access to the lighthouse from sunrise to sunset at a modest fee. The lighthouse is surrounded by the golf course.


Culture – Søbygaard and Vitsø
About 2 kilometers from Søby lies Søbygaard, Vestermølle (West Mill) and Vitsø. Buildings and nature that all exude history. The impressive moat surrounding Søbygaard dates back to 1100 century. Søbygaard manor house was built by Duke Hans the younger ca. 1580. All publicly accessible, and in the main building are changing art exhibitions. There is a possibility for magnificent walks through the many paths and roadways passing through the area.



Tel. +45 62 58 16 76



Ærøshoppen sells products fra Aero, handicrafts, handmade candles and many ather exciting items.

It is worth a visit.